FLOWER · 04.04.2020
Cherry Blossoms
FLOWER · 04.04.2020

FLOWER · 03.04.2020
night cherry blossoms
FLOWER · 23.03.2020
cherry blossom

FLOWER · 23.02.2020
Christmas rose
FLOWER · 13.04.2019
I took some pictures of cherry blossoms. It's also beautiful at night. 夜桜の写真を撮りました。 桜は夜も美しい!

FLOWER · 07.04.2019
I went to Toji. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
FLOWER · 04.04.2019
The crow is looking at the cherry blossoms!

FLOWER · 25.03.2019
The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.
FLOWER · 20.01.2019
I went to the botanical garden that is in the mountain. I found some insects that are hibernating. I also saw some flowers that are very beautiful. 山にある、植物園に行きました。そこで冬眠中の昆虫を見つけました。綺麗な花も咲いていました。